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Mar. 1st, 2008


Grand Ol' Forty

So before I took a long break to move...

I put out my 40th fanlisting... Wow. In two years of doing these things I've come a long way.

Not far enough and there's never enough time in the day to do what I want to do, but c'est la vie. Shoot... Now I'm picking up French phrases? WTF? Oh well. I'm still trying to get my desk/office area (which pretty much takes up the dining room and we don't have a dining room table at the moment). There's too much other stuff to do like retrain a boyfriend and clean up after a toddler and coordinate the house with my sister. (So glad I don't have that chore all to myself. That was making my hair turn white quicker.)

For the record, I was standing just so in the light yesterday at work and one of the older ladies I work with, (everyone there is old enough to be my mother or my father), stood there and screeched out, "OH MY GOD ELIZABETH! YOU'RE HAIR IS SO WHITE!" She interrupted our boss in doing so and everyone busted up laughing. I looked at them all and said, "What? You thought I was joking??" Oh well. C'est la vie.

In fanlistings we have a lovely lovely list going.

Actors: (2)
Sam Elliott
Ron Eldard

Actresses: (1)
Jenna Elfman

Animals: (1)
Cows: Holstein

Characters: Book/Movie (3)
Bend It Like Beckham: Joe
Flyboys: Blaine Rawlings
Forgotten Realms: Drizzt Do'Urden

Directors/Producers: (2) (Cross-listed from Actors & Actresses)
Jenna Elfman
Sam Elliott

Episodes: (9)
Charmed Episodes will be redesigned one by one and moved to a new little subdirectory here: Magickal Destiny. The subcollective isn't built yet, sorry!
Charmed 3.10
Charmed 4.06
Charmed 6.08
Charmed 6.12
Charmed 6.21
Charmed 6.22 & 6.23
Charmed 7.08
Law & Order: SVU 7.03

Fanfiction: Relationships (1)
Charmed: Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige

Accessories: (1)
Class Rings

Literature: (1)
Elizabeth Wurtzel: Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women

Musicians: Bands/Groups (2)

Musicians: Female (1)
Gretchen Wilson

Musicians: Male (2)
Jonathan "Jon" Kita of diecast
Paul Stoddard of diecast

Arthurian Legends: (3)
The Lady of the Lake
Astrology & New Age: (1)
Chinese Astrology: The Year of the Monkey
Religion: Other (1)

Objects: (1)

People Miscellany:
People: (1)

Relationships: TV (1)
Charmed Relationships will be redesigned and moved to a new little subdirectory here: Magickal Destiny. The subcollective isn't built yet, sorry!
Charmed: Phoebe & Prue
Criminal Minds: Penelope Garcia & Spencer Reid

Songs: Bands/Groups (2)
Backstreet Boys: If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad Boy)
Fort Minor: Petrified

Songs: Female Solo (1)
Vanessa Carlton: A Thousand Miles

Songs: Various
Collaborations (3)
Fergie ft. Ludacris: glamorous
Fort Minor ft. John Legend: High Road
Fort Minor ft. Styles of Beyond and Black Thought of the Roots: Right Now

TV Shows (1)
Charmed Season 5

Custom Graphics/Tutorials Sites (1)

There you have it. It's actually a number higher than 40, since I have two cross-listed and a dual listing... But eh... It's a celebratory number I suppose. It puts my fan collective over the hill right?

I'm managing the ones I got for now, here and there. If there's ever a problem with one of them let me know.

Latah ya'll.
(and yes... ghetto cowboy... it works on any given day.)

Jan. 12th, 2008




Games that I care a damn about?
One game down...
one to go...

Bring on the Championships.

Jan. 8th, 2008


Been out of the Football Season

I'm completely lost when it comes to this year's football season, however, I've just now realized that through my VeohTV account I can download video broadcasts (approx. 5.5 minutes each) of two analysts breaking down team match-ups. I just saw one concerning Tampa Bay, and even though my Southern Bay Boys are out of it... Lo and behold, my Northern Bay Boys are still in it. As are my Hometown Heroes, Indianapolis Colts.

In the AFC Division, Saturday at 8pm, Jacksonville plays New England, and Sunday at 1pm, San Diego (who I always used to play in my edition of Tecmo Superbowl) play my Hometown Heroes. Both games are on CBS.

In the NFC Division, the New York Giants play the Dallas Cowboys at 4:30pm Sunday. The day before, Saturday at 4:30pm, Seattle Seahawks play my Northern Bay Boys. Both games air on FOX.

Two bad I'll be at work for both my games.

Let's say Indianapolis beats San Diego, and then plays in the AFC championship and beats the winner of JACvNE, and Green Bay beats Seattle, plays in the NFC championship and the beats the winner of NYGvDAL...

I'm gonna have another year where two of my teams are playing each other for the SuperBowl.

Holy Shit.

Dec. 11th, 2007


Fanlistings... again.

I joined the Arthurian Legends fl, and when approved, the owner got with me about affiliation with my three Arthurian Legends related fls: Excalibur, Lady of the Lake, and Merlin.

King Arthur and related fan? Head on over.

Approved for the adoption of Charmed Season 5. Tomorrow I gotta fix my coding. (Something's not right with it stellar major.) Throw the pages together. (For me the hardest part is usually the graphic because it usually dictates the layout. This time, not so much. That was the easy part for once.) Then that one will probably go up Tuesday/Wednesday.

I may not actually spend much time working on it tomorrow though, seeing as how the boyfriend is here. He has to work Wednesday; I do not. I may just wait 'til then.

See ya around, ya'll.

Nov. 27th, 2007


Long time no see...

I just haven't had time. Busy with the kid, the boyfriend, and the job. And trying to get the bills paid.

But in any event... I've been working slowly but surely on new layouts for my fanlistings. I've applied for and been approved for "Year of the Monkey" in the Mythology/Religion subcategory Astrology/New Age. I've also applied for Sharpies. Third time's a charm?

I applied to adopt Charmed Season 5 from it's current owner. It's also currently on troubles so I don't know how that one is going to work out.

I've got new layouts for the collective here, Sam Elliott in celebration of his new movie "The Golden Compass with Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Eva Green, and Kathy Bates (voice), and Jenna Elfman in honor of her son's birth (belated), her movie with Tim Allen that she recently finished filming, and a new pilot that she's working on. I also applied to have Jenna cross-listed into Directors/Producers since she produced 15 episodes of Dharma & Greg at the end, a couple episodes of her short lived show Courting Alex, and the movie "Touched".

Busy little bee I am.

And for the record... Anyone who has a good handle on HTML should really check out the GoLive packaged with CS. I don't know about CS2 or CS3, nor do I really care. I'm loving the CS regular package.

Everything is loads easier.


Sep. 25th, 2007


Football '07-'08

Well... I didn't watch the games Sunday and Monday, but I am happy to report that three of my four teams won. Only the Bears lost... But then again... But what do you expect? They're still working with Grossman. Hey Coach? Haven't you learned anything yet?

Perhaps when I get a further handle on my scheduling I'll be able to get to watch a game or two.

Later ...

Aug. 11th, 2007



Lots of fanlisting work going on lately.... Little tweaks here and there...

I have walked away from working on BB-Listings/The Oracle of Hollywood. Personality differences mostly. Unfortunately, two fanlistings are probably going to be put on troubles and deleted (Too long on Upcoming). But I just had to get out of it.

Anyway... More pleasant news...

Hybrid-Genesis is my fastest growing fanlisting. I KNEW it was a golden opportunity! Thia has also redone her website. It. Looks. Awesome. The fanlisting link is embedded right into her layout. WOW! I gotta get back with her and let her know to change the link to "elizabethmk.com" rather than "elizabethmk.profusehost.net"... See... I'm considering switching hosts... And the elizabethmk.profusehost.net link won't work anymore. This is why I bought a domain name, people. lol

All my owned images have been put together and uploaded. Now the owned pages don't look so.... crappy.

As far as Charmed goes... There were so many piling up, that I crosslisted (using Enth 3.1.+'s nifty multiple categories feature) into a new category called, you guessed it, "+ Charmed".

"Brothers", "Drizzt Do'Urden", "Rings: Class", and various Charmed related listings are up and running. Come on people... Join them... For some of them, it's just me and my sister Anna on the members list.

WordPress has been added for an easy update blog for Havok's Graphiks @EmK.com and EmK.com itself. Had a few problems as I was integrating it... but you know what? I figured it out somehow.

All access to the pages at Havok's Graphiks has been halted. Need to rebuild the pages properly.
Torches 9 Design is no longer functioning. It's pages will be open at Havok's Graphiks.

No new graphics upcoming. A few here and there are on my computer... Gotta upload them as I have time.

~Krause out.

http://www.elizabethmk.com - ElizabethmK.com
http://www.elizabethmk.com/fan/ - Unconditional

Aug. 2nd, 2007


Pain's funny with me...

When I'm in pain, I sleep. Which I did most of today.

When I'm in emotional pain, I clean. Which I didn't do a damn thing on that one today.

When I'm both in pain and in emotional pain, I design. That I did a lot of this evening.

I present to you, faithful readers, Version 2.0 of ElizabethmK.com: Life Among the Dead.

Still working on transfering some of the links on the side menu. All three main links at the top work.

I've also sacked CuteNews and started using WordPress for an Updates Blog.

So... New Layout... Hope you like. Spent all of 45 minutes on the graphics. I've spent four days on the coding.

And no... I didn't do the WordPress layout. I'm not about to tackle that, like I'm not about to tackle MySpace layouts and just like I gave up on LiveJournal layouts.

That kind of coding is out of my league... For now.

Have fun ya'll.

Jun. 18th, 2007


Television Junkies... Go ahead and drool!

My sister showed me this link tonight: http://www.tv-links.co.uk/index.do/1

Some shows I have every intention of reliving?

Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.
Ally McBeal
Angel (the seasons I missed.)
Blade: The Series (every blood sucking minute.)
Bones (the stuff I missed.)
Boy Meets World
Charmed (because I'm obsessed like that.)
Criminal Minds
Crossing Jordan
Dark Angel
Dead Like Me (I missed the entire thing and caught it on Sci-Fi once. Need to brush up.)
Dead Zone, The
Earth: Final Conflict (That was an awesome show until Majel screwed it up.)
Ghost Whisperer (the stuff Niko and I missed last season.)
Grey's Anatomy (Cause I'm obsessed like that.)
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (Cause I was sooooo a Herc geek in high school.)
Heroes (Cause I missed some shit, dammit)
Highlander (Cause I was sooooo an Immortal geek in high school.)
House (Cause it's the greatest, snarkiest, sexiest wit I've seen in a really long ass time.)
Into the West (Because I friggin missed it. Shit.)
Jack of All Trades (Cause I missed so much of it not realizing it existed until too late... and it's the Bruce I love.)
John Doe (because I'm pissed it was cancelled.)
Kindred, the Embraced (cause dammit... Vamps are hot.)
Las Vegas
Law & Order: SVU (Because Mariska and Chris are freagin' hot! And I have a warm spot for Richard.)
Lexx (Cause it was freaky and sci-fi and I'm a sci-fi geek like that.)
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (Cause I'm a comic book freak.)
Men In Trees
Mutant X (Victor Webster, Forbes March, Victoria Pratt. Need I say more?)
Nanny, The
O.C., The
October Road (I've missed too much dammit.)
Painkiller Jane (Kristanna. *Sigh*)
Psych (Funny shit man.)
Quantum Leap (That was good time's with me Da.)
Rescue Me
Riches, The (It's Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver. I shouldn't have to say anything else.)
Robin Hood
Seaquest: DSV (Because Jonathan is missed.)
Six Feet Under (because my baby's got me hooked.)
Smallville (You knew that one was coming.)
Star Trek, Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek: DS9, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise (Why? You have to ask?)
Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis (Don't ask. You should already know the answer.)
Supernatural (It's the Winchesters. If you don't love, you are a hater. Why are you on my friends list again? j/k lol)
Tru Calling
Tudors, The (YAY! Since I don't have Hoe-time!)
Unit, The
Veronica Mars
Without a Trace
Xena (Yes I was a Xena freak in high school too.)

There's Cartoons, Movies, Anime... I'm a happy little girl right now.

How about you?

Jun. 10th, 2007


Been a while...

I've been so busy building fanlistings and designing fanlistings and applying for fanlistings... And between work and the bf... I'm a busy little mama. Sorry ya'll that I haven't really kept in touch. I'm all over the MySpace thing right now. And even though I don't use this spot the way I used to, I'm still addicted to having it and all the userpics and the poll ability (not that I actually use them), that I changed my cc info so that it'll be billed this month. It's my one year anni for a paid account on the 22nd. Can't believe it's been this long that I've had an LJ.


But anyways... For those into the fls...

Some new ones that I haven't really advertised here before:

Fort Minor feat. Styles of Beyond & Black Thought of the Roots: Right Now

Fort Minor feat. John Legend: High Road

Adopted!!: Jenna Elfman

Adopted!!: Vanessa Carlton: A Thousand Miles

Gretchen Wilson


Later ya'll.

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