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Havok's Eye

The Havok's Eye Shall Glare

Elizabeth mK
27 March 1980
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About Me:

I am an Aries. Damn Proud of it.
I was born in the year of the Metal Monkey. Takes a lot of heat to bend me and I can shimmy up the nearest tree (or kitchen cabinet) if the need arises. I also have a fun-loving nature.
I am the mother of 5 kids:

Bruno the Hound
Tigger the Lion
Samantha the Red
Clara the Warrior
Alexander the Great

Lex and I live with my father, the almighty Pop (Author of "Pop-isms").
1980's, 80's fashion, 80's music, abuse survivors, adobe photoshop, ancient history, anime, arabic music, astrology, betty crocker, black and white movies, blades, blends, blood, blood vampirism, book of shadows, brian krause, bruce campbell, brushes, candles, carmen sandiego games, cats, celtic, celtic music, chants, charmed, christian historical romance, cornflower blue, daggers, digital art, digital artwork, dogs, dollz, dracula, dragons, egypt, eighties, einstein, ellis island, fan fiction, fanfiction, fanlistings, fantasy, film-noir, firefly, full metal alchemist, full moons, glbt issues, graphic design, graphics, greek mythology, grey's anatomy, halliwells, hercules, hercules the legendary journeys, historical dramas, html, icons, imus, indiana, intimacy, inuyasha, joel edgerton, joxer the mighty, kitchen witch, knives, krause, krause history, layouts, left behind, lj icons, lyrical prose, magic the gathering, magick, martial arts, medieval, meditation, moon, mormon historical romance, movies, mysticism, mythology, nightwish, paganism, pentagram, photography, photoshop, php, psych vampirism, psychic vampirism, reading, runes, sam raimi, samauri champloo, samurai champloo, sci-fi, science fiction, screencaps, sir gawain, smallville, smut, solitary witch, spell casting, spells, spirit guides, spirituality, supernatural, swords, tarot, tattoos, ted raimi, textures, the 80s, the pretenders, thigh highs, torches 9 design, vampire movies, vampires, vampirism, vampyres, velveeta, web design, witch, witchcraft, witches, wizards of the coast, writing, xena, xena warrior princess