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Pain's funny with me...

When I'm in pain, I sleep. Which I did most of today.

When I'm in emotional pain, I clean. Which I didn't do a damn thing on that one today.

When I'm both in pain and in emotional pain, I design. That I did a lot of this evening.

I present to you, faithful readers, Version 2.0 of ElizabethmK.com: Life Among the Dead.

Still working on transfering some of the links on the side menu. All three main links at the top work.

I've also sacked CuteNews and started using WordPress for an Updates Blog.

So... New Layout... Hope you like. Spent all of 45 minutes on the graphics. I've spent four days on the coding.

And no... I didn't do the WordPress layout. I'm not about to tackle that, like I'm not about to tackle MySpace layouts and just like I gave up on LiveJournal layouts.

That kind of coding is out of my league... For now.

Have fun ya'll.