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Lots of fanlisting work going on lately.... Little tweaks here and there...

I have walked away from working on BB-Listings/The Oracle of Hollywood. Personality differences mostly. Unfortunately, two fanlistings are probably going to be put on troubles and deleted (Too long on Upcoming). But I just had to get out of it.

Anyway... More pleasant news...

Hybrid-Genesis is my fastest growing fanlisting. I KNEW it was a golden opportunity! Thia has also redone her website. It. Looks. Awesome. The fanlisting link is embedded right into her layout. WOW! I gotta get back with her and let her know to change the link to "elizabethmk.com" rather than "elizabethmk.profusehost.net"... See... I'm considering switching hosts... And the elizabethmk.profusehost.net link won't work anymore. This is why I bought a domain name, people. lol

All my owned images have been put together and uploaded. Now the owned pages don't look so.... crappy.

As far as Charmed goes... There were so many piling up, that I crosslisted (using Enth 3.1.+'s nifty multiple categories feature) into a new category called, you guessed it, "+ Charmed".

"Brothers", "Drizzt Do'Urden", "Rings: Class", and various Charmed related listings are up and running. Come on people... Join them... For some of them, it's just me and my sister Anna on the members list.

WordPress has been added for an easy update blog for Havok's Graphiks @EmK.com and EmK.com itself. Had a few problems as I was integrating it... but you know what? I figured it out somehow.

All access to the pages at Havok's Graphiks has been halted. Need to rebuild the pages properly.
Torches 9 Design is no longer functioning. It's pages will be open at Havok's Graphiks.

No new graphics upcoming. A few here and there are on my computer... Gotta upload them as I have time.

~Krause out.

http://www.elizabethmk.com - ElizabethmK.com
http://www.elizabethmk.com/fan/ - Unconditional