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Long time no see...

I just haven't had time. Busy with the kid, the boyfriend, and the job. And trying to get the bills paid.

But in any event... I've been working slowly but surely on new layouts for my fanlistings. I've applied for and been approved for "Year of the Monkey" in the Mythology/Religion subcategory Astrology/New Age. I've also applied for Sharpies. Third time's a charm?

I applied to adopt Charmed Season 5 from it's current owner. It's also currently on troubles so I don't know how that one is going to work out.

I've got new layouts for the collective here, Sam Elliott in celebration of his new movie "The Golden Compass with Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Eva Green, and Kathy Bates (voice), and Jenna Elfman in honor of her son's birth (belated), her movie with Tim Allen that she recently finished filming, and a new pilot that she's working on. I also applied to have Jenna cross-listed into Directors/Producers since she produced 15 episodes of Dharma & Greg at the end, a couple episodes of her short lived show Courting Alex, and the movie "Touched".

Busy little bee I am.

And for the record... Anyone who has a good handle on HTML should really check out the GoLive packaged with CS. I don't know about CS2 or CS3, nor do I really care. I'm loving the CS regular package.

Everything is loads easier.