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Fanlistings... again.

I joined the Arthurian Legends fl, and when approved, the owner got with me about affiliation with my three Arthurian Legends related fls: Excalibur, Lady of the Lake, and Merlin.

King Arthur and related fan? Head on over.

Approved for the adoption of Charmed Season 5. Tomorrow I gotta fix my coding. (Something's not right with it stellar major.) Throw the pages together. (For me the hardest part is usually the graphic because it usually dictates the layout. This time, not so much. That was the easy part for once.) Then that one will probably go up Tuesday/Wednesday.

I may not actually spend much time working on it tomorrow though, seeing as how the boyfriend is here. He has to work Wednesday; I do not. I may just wait 'til then.

See ya around, ya'll.


:-) My dear... What is wrong with what you have used over the course of the years? Your navigation is clear, the rounded corners are stellar, and you know the coding much more than I. I'm an amateur, young lady. Just a tinkerer. I'm flattered, but I doubt very much I could do better. lol

If you insist, I'll see what I could throw around. Imagery I can do... Implementation into your existing site... I'm not so sure. lol

Talk soon.