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Been out of the Football Season

I'm completely lost when it comes to this year's football season, however, I've just now realized that through my VeohTV account I can download video broadcasts (approx. 5.5 minutes each) of two analysts breaking down team match-ups. I just saw one concerning Tampa Bay, and even though my Southern Bay Boys are out of it... Lo and behold, my Northern Bay Boys are still in it. As are my Hometown Heroes, Indianapolis Colts.

In the AFC Division, Saturday at 8pm, Jacksonville plays New England, and Sunday at 1pm, San Diego (who I always used to play in my edition of Tecmo Superbowl) play my Hometown Heroes. Both games are on CBS.

In the NFC Division, the New York Giants play the Dallas Cowboys at 4:30pm Sunday. The day before, Saturday at 4:30pm, Seattle Seahawks play my Northern Bay Boys. Both games air on FOX.

Two bad I'll be at work for both my games.

Let's say Indianapolis beats San Diego, and then plays in the AFC championship and beats the winner of JACvNE, and Green Bay beats Seattle, plays in the NFC championship and the beats the winner of NYGvDAL...

I'm gonna have another year where two of my teams are playing each other for the SuperBowl.

Holy Shit.